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[WWE]. [Build 297].. DRAVAS (Mac and Windows) Xbox360GameMastery.mydrivers.daybreak2011-1-8.rar Foreign Policy First To Claim Story of Iran's Nuclear Weapons by Nathan Guttman / September 28th, 2006 Foreign Policy magazine and website, which has been a reliable source for intelligence, military and political stories, has produced one of the most chilling stories of the alleged Iranian nuclear weapons program. The article published on Friday, September 28, titled, “Iran’s Nuclear Weapon Ambition,” claims that Iran began developing a nuclear bomb in the late 1980s. The article uses Iranian, Western and Israeli intelligence sources as its main sources of information, including former US Congressman and chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Dr. Lee H. Hamilton, who it claims was one of the highest ranking White House officials to receive a briefing on Iran’s nuclear weapons program from the National Security Council. According to the article, former Defense Minister and current intelligence adviser to President Ahmadinejad, Kamal Kharrazi, was responsible for Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Kharrazi was arrested by Iranian authorities in 2003 after defector Mojtaba Mirghani disclosed the details of Iran’s nuclear weapons program to the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). He claimed to have been a major coordinator of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. According to the article, Kharrazi was a head of Iran’s Weaponization Directorate and was in charge of coordinating with North Korean and Russian scientists in the development of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Kharrazi died under mysterious circumstances in late 2004, and was buried with the highest level of security in Tehran. It was rumored he had been murdered on the orders of President Ahmadinejad, who at the time, was under mounting pressure from the international community to cease his uranium enrichment program. Based on the claims, made by former intelligence officials who were in close contact with Kharrazi, it is reported that Kharrazi and other scientists at the nuclear weapons program developed a version of a nuclear explosive known as the “Pusht-Kavir,” or “Thousand Cores” bomb. According to the claim, the development of the “Pusht-Kavir”

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( 64 Bit _BEST_

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